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リンク: Former NBA star Brian Grant deals with diagnosis of Parkinson's disease - ESPN.

"I have young onset Parkinson's," he said."My greatest fear," he said, "is losing control of me. Having someone have to take care of me. But that was at the beginning."

"I hadn't been in front of a crowd that big since I retired," he said. "I kept trying to think about how I could disguise my hand. And I knew the players were going to see it and wonder what was up. That's what bothered me the most. I did not want to be perceived by the players as weak."

"I had people saying they'd heard I was debilitated, like in a wheelchair," he said. "I finally decided, 'I need to get in front of this.' Maybe there's somebody who is in their 20s and has young onset and is scared. We're all going through this together. I'm just stepping into it. But now I'm ready to step into it. This has given me a purpose.








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病気の事 初めて知ってとても驚いた
少しでも 症状が改善する様 いのってます
コートの中で カッコ良かった

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